MAB Board Member BBeasley

US Marine Corps Veteran
Length of Service: 1983-1987
MOS: 0811-Artillery Cannoneer

Accomplishments: Brad honorably served his country in the military and upon returning home he continued his service for 15 years in the role of a teacher. His academic achievements include earning a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law, a Masters in Business Administration, and 6 certifications for teaching in both California and New York. As an educator he reached a graduation rate of 95% from his credit recovery program for Special Education students. Continuing to the next chapter in his life, last summer Brad went back to school to pursue a film production career. Today he is making a film series about Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). Brad is also a husband to his wife Krista and a father to two dogs Auggie and Reno.

Specialties: Ability to effectively communicate with veterans as well as civilians. Experienced in PTS forums and working with veteran’s triggers & solutions. Knowledgeable in navigating post-secondary systems and using federal aid.


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