Become A Corporate Sponsor!

Our corporate sponsorship program is an opportunity for your businesses to show your support for military and first responders while reinforcing your reputation as a socially responsible company with customers, employees, and local residents.  We accept donations and sponsorship of events year-round.  To become a corporate sponsor email

We understand that not all businesses can make a lump sum donation and so we have created the “Change for Charity; It Just Makes Cents” campaign.  This campaign is simple:

  1. Businesses place a sign and donation box by their cash register.
  2. Customers round up their purchases to the nearest dollar or make a separate donation.
  3. At the end of the month the business sends a check to the Live To Tell Foundation in the amount of the collected donations.

That’s it! We provide the printed signs and the donation boxes. Asking your customers to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate their change to the Lutz Live To Tell Foundation will help us continue to build community and provide solutions to real life matters facing our military and first responders.