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1st Responders

Law Enforcement Tools for Supporting Veterans in Crisis Workshop


Returning military personnel often experience severe stressors & trauma while deployed and upon returning it creates challenges integrating into civilian life.  Whether this process is labeled as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or are simply the natural outgrowth of sustained combat deployments, these transition challenges involve not only the veterans and the military, but our society as a whole.

This 8-hour course addresses recent “converging conditions” for returning veterans experiencing stress-related challenges readjusting to civilian life. The course extrapolates these conditions to identify increasing situations whereby law enforcement personnel will be called upon to respond to veterans in transition whose military training and combat experience present unique challenges. The course identifies causal factors of military veteran stress-related conditions to provide focus areas that psychologists identify as underlying themes in many veteran related EDPs (emotionally disturbed persons). The course presents proven techniques to create dialogue, rapport, and common reference points for application of communication, as well as provides tools for supporting veterans in transition. The course focuses on de-escalation principles that may be used to prevent unnecessary use of force in these situations. Officer safety principles are emphasized throughout the course to address the increased risk that may be encountered by law enforcement personnel.


The funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance has ended but this 2-day course can be brought to any community in America for $6,000.  Help us facilitate this training across the country with your donation.



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