Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle

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Michelle Coleman, known in business as Rene TheProfessional (RTP); is an innovator, consultant, philanthropist, mom, and veteran advocate. Michelle has spent the past 14 years doing work in the social services sector with a focus on child welfare, community development, ex-offender reentry, and post-secondary education. Recently, Michelle has engaged in a new arena of veteran services.   As if having 5 kids was not enough to take up her spare time, Michelle volunteers in the capacity of Vice President at the LCpl Janos V Lutz Live To Tell Foundation, Inc.

Michelle is proud to call herself a veteran advocate and actively works to support those who have given so much for our freedom. She has acquired a multitude of resources for veterans in the Live To Tell Foundation’s Buddy Up Combat Outposts as well as creating online outlets for collaboration and resource access. Michelle wears many hats within the foundation including strategic planner, event manager, fundraiser, and web developer. While she does not have personal ties to the military, she recognizes the importance of Fighting For Those Who Fought For Us!

Prior to her current endeavors, Michelle studied Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at Florida State University. After she completed college her intrigue with Relational Models Theory grew and eventually led to her span of serial entrepreneurship endeavors all inclusive of personal and professional components. Under her pseudonym, Rene The Professional, she provides consultation on market presence, systems development, and interpersonal communication for businesses & inspiring entrepreneurs.  

Michelle’s vision is to use her acquired skills from both the public & private sector to assist the Live To Tell Foundation grow in order to serve as many veterans as possible. Organizational growth is one of Michelle’s goals for the Foundation but its Success will ultimately be measured in the number of veterans who experience an improved quality of life along with the number of veteran lives saved.

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