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This Memorial Wall is to Honor & Remember those who served in the United States Military and died by suicide. All of these men and women were diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress and because of a myriad of reasons took their own life.

We are losing more than 25 every day and this number is grossly under exaggerated as these numbers come from only 21 states reporting this information.

BUWallWe are not only Honoring & Remembering on this wall we are also Raising Awareness and helping their loved ones heal and cope. Sadly when one dies by suicide it transfers their pain to their loved ones and with this comes a plethora of emotional feelings and a big one is guilt. As I began to add more and more photos to this wall one day it hit me. “All of their mothers cannot be to blame, just I am not to blame.” When I came to this realization, it helped with my healing a little bit.  My son John-Janos Victor Lutz is the reason this Memorial came to be.

The wall has also been made mobile and is displayed at all LTT events in the community. 


Honor your loved one with a Premium Memorial Wall Display using the donation button below.

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