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Lutz Buddy Up


Lutz Buddy Up Social Clubs Connect Military and First Responders for an evening of Food, Fun, and Comradery.

Lutz Buddy Up Social Clubs provide a physical place where those who serve country and community form bonds that can carry forward for the rest of their lives. Here,  peer support, community building, and overall well-being are promoted. There are NEVER any Applications, Membership Fees or Dues. We get a room full of servicemen and women together and it is conversation like no other.  Swapping stories and bonding with brothers and sisters that you never knew you had. This is what Lutz Buddy Up is all about.

Check out our locations below.  Interested in starting a Lutz Buddy Up Social Club in your community? Click Here to fill out an application.

*Holiday months might affect dates. Be sure to “like & follow” the Lutz Buddy Up Social Club Facebook page in your area for updates on date & time changes as well as other events the club will be hosting.

If you haven’t been on the battlefield or are not a first responder than you could never understand what our Military and First Responders (M&FR) have lived through. Therefore, the only ones who can truly understand the thoughts and actions of our M&FR are M&FR. This is why we have created the Lutz Buddy Up.  M&FR join us for an evening of Food, Fun and Comradery.

Whether you FOUGHT out of country or PROTECTED us in country we share a common bond.

It is our hope that communities all over the United States will use this Program Outline to implement a Lutz Buddy Up program in their community!

Professional Disclaimer: The information available on and through the Buddy Up Program, is NOT a substitute for, the knowledge, skill and judgment of qualified psychiatrist, psychologist, physicians and health care professionals. The information that is shared is believed to be accurate and reliable.  However, Buddy Up Program and LCpl Janos V Lutz Live To Tell Foundation, Inc makes no warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this information.  Should you have any health, medical or disability questions or concerns, please consult a physician or other health care professional.

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