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Lutz Buddy Up

A Lutz Buddy up is a social club that connects military and first responder for an evening of food, fun, and comradery. Those who serve country and community form bonds that can carry forward for the rest of their lives. Here,  peer support, community building, and overall well-being are promoted



This initiative is designed to be part of a comprehensive approach to improve veteran mental health outcomes and help communities prioritize resources to have the greatest impact on public safety. Created as a gateway for veterans into trusted community services, Vet-Connect builds a bridge between law enforcement/first responders, veterans, and local resources.


Broward County has taken charge in creating solutions to real life matters for Military & 1st Responders. To celebrate our successes in leading the nation in action and activism, we are throwing the first county-wide LUTZapalooza, uniting all 31 municipalities, community residents, service providers and our military veterans under the Red, Blue & Camo! 


Lutz wasn’t the only one prescribed benzodiazepines and died because of it. We know there are many out there who experienced similar situations and lived. We want to hear your story. If you have lost your veteran, we want to hear their story also. We need your voices to be heard to make change.

#IwasLutz, providing a voice for veterans, advocating for VA reform and implementing solutions for real-life matters. Tell us your story below and help spread the word by using the hashtag #IwasLutz.


LCpl Janos V Lutz PTS Memorial Wall

This PTS Memorial Wall is to Honor & Remember our military who have been lost as a result of Post-Traumatic Stress. Remember your loved one by submitting their photo with a short bio to be included on the wall.


Community Training

1st Responder Training on how to engage veterans with PTS are available. Assisting with being able to identify veterans experiencing PTS and properly handle the situation can prevent any unfortunate consequences or possible loss of a veteran’s or civilian’s life (contingent upon available funding). Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is available for Lutz Buddy Up Davie members provided by U.S. Southern Command. ASIST is a two-day workshop designed for family, friends, and other community members who may be the first to talk with a person at risk, but have little or no training.


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