LCpl Janos V Lutz Live To Tell Foundation

Live To Tell Creed

Empathy: To know that you are not alone in the way you think, react and the emotions you feel and that you can share this with others who feel the same will give the power and the ability to Live.

We have been the front lines of the United States.

We chose to protect and serve our great nation, from the streets of our cities to nations abroad.

Our standards and values are met with a greater expectation, and we hold each other accountable when we fall short of them.

When we go through tough times we reach out knowing that we are not alone and we will be there to give and to receive support. Many of us have experienced the ugliest in life and this can tear you down causing us to feel alone, isolated and numb. Here there is no judgement only support for we have walked in your shoes.

We choose strength over weakness and support one another when in need and strive to emerge stronger than ever before.

With our guiding principles of unity Respect, Courage, Commitment, Integrity and Service we will continue to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper.

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