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To be eligible for membership in The Lutz Buddy Up, you need to have served/are serving in the U.S. Armed Services, Reserves, National Guard or held/hold a position as Law Enforcement, Firefighter, Border Patrol, or Emergency Medical Service. If you are not currently active you will have had to receive an honorable discharge and have since upheld yourself to standards outlined in the Lutz Buddy Up Code of Conduct. Proof of service is required in the form of a military id, VA id, DD214, first responder id, or any other government issued proof of service document. Lutz Buddy Up attendees become eligible for membership after completing three consecutive months of involvement/attendance with Lutz Buddy Up Social Clubs.

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Lutz Live To Tell will make available to you, as a Member of Lutz Buddy Up, access to various events, deals & discounts from loyalty business partners, health & wellness opportunities, and access to our member’s only Facebook page provided you continue to remain eligible. Membership benefits can be accessed at any Lutz Buddy Up.

  • Events will be posted online, accessible through the Lutz Buddy Up Member’s Only Facebook page, and sent out via email. 
  • Deals and discounts to businesses are available on LBU’s Deals page CLICK HERE.
    In order to take advantage of membership benefits you must be an eligible Lutz Buddy Up Member in good standing, register for any event, and present your membership card at the event/business (not all clubs have membership cards available at this time).  

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