Boone Cutler #IwasLutz

Boone Cutler #IwasLutz

Man you don’t even know this will probably not be the easiest video I’ve made but being that Janine Lutz herself asked me to make it I’m definitely gonna make it. Cuz she’s the mother of America’s battalion and I think that’s pretty damn important. Unfortunately the topic the subject is one that I don’t want to talk about cuz I’m tired of talking about it. Totally tired of talking about it but unfortunately her son lost his life due to negligent care at the Veterans Administration Hospital.  That’s a fact you’ll learn more about that soon enough but in this video she’s asked me to explain how I was Lutz. There’s a new hashtag out there #IwasLutz. The difference is between me and Johnny is that Johnny passed away. He’s no longer with us due to that negligence. Due to poor health care. Due to bad communication between doctors. He since passed. He couldn’t get off the zombie dope. Couldn’t get away from all that funky funk. But a lot of us did and a lot of us have and though. We mourn Johnny, but we also got to remember that hey right here #IwasLutz. A lot of us could have ended up that way. Fortunately we didn’t, unfortunately many of us have. My history with the zombie don’t start at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I really can’t pin a lot a lot of it on the VA but when we’re talking about health care of veterans when they come home from combat zones well mine kind of went sideways at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. When they a field grade officer gave me my first prescription of Seroquel. From that point I lost complete control of my life for several several years before I was able to get things right again and somehow start sorting out what’s up in the brain Housing Group when I got back from Iraq. I couldn’t do it on the dope is all bad it was just all bad. But I got off of it. What did it take? It took 17 days in a psych ward that’s what it took. And against going against medical advice because at that time I was out of the military I didn’t have to worry about any field grade officers.  I just had to worry about the doctors of the VA hospital and that’s what I did. I chose to get off the zombie dope. I chose to get off the combat cocktail and find other alternatives. Now I don’t know you and I don’t know your life and I don’t know what you’ve been through and  don’t know what you’re going through. But if your life sucks being on the zombie dope. If you’re one of the people that can say I was Lutz. First of all I’m glad you’re still here. Second of all I hope you make the right decision. There are alternatives. I hope you find yours. God bless you! And tomama Lutz I say keep driving on cuz you’re making an impact  and it matters to all of us. Now go check it out and make your own video. Don’t forget there’s a lot of us that can say I was Lutz but I’m still here. So in the memory of Johnny Lutz god bless your family, I wish you were here. And that’s my story what’s your story.

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Boone Cutler, Army Veteran served in Iraq war. #IwasLutzH e is also an author, columnist, music video director and Warfighter Rights leader.



  1. Mike Dalgliesh

    Nice one Boone and good on ya. My wife and I are very close to Janine (love her like a second wife.) as 50 months ago today, we lost our Marine son while he was still active. You guessed it; PTSD. Keep doing what you are doing. The possibility of a change in the system is drastically needed to prevent further loss of our Warriors. Then parents won’t have to add ‘Grief’ to their lives. Walk safe in your journey.

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