Boyd W Wicks Jr, 23

Boyd W Wicks Jr, 23

US Marine Sergeant Boyd W “Chip” Wicks, Jr, of Wilmington, Delaware, beloved son of Paula and Boyd W Wicks, Sr.

Chip was an Infantry Squad Leader with 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, one of the first Marine ground combat units in Iraq during the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom, March 2003.

Sgt Boyd W Wicks, Jr, lost his battle with PTSD, February 27, 2004. He was 23 years old.

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  1. John J Pharis Jr

    My name is John J Pharis Jr. I was a infantry squad leader with 1st Battalion 6th Marines and deployed to Iraq 2004 through 2005. I came home a very very changed pweson. The war rages on in my head to this very day. The things I did and the things I saw whole in Iraq will NEVER leave me. I’m diagnosed with PTSD. I’m on 6 different medications. Everything to help me sleep to not be depressed. They don’t work. My heart goes out to Sargent Wicks and his family. I will keep you in my daily prayers. I did not know Sgt. Wicks I happened to see his grave marker at the Veterans Cemetary. I had to stop to pay my respects….. Rest Easy Marine…… You are not forgotten…. Semper Fi

    1. Miriam and Bill Mullen

      John, we found your comment after reading about Sgt Boyd Wicks and wanted to tell you thank you for your service and how very sorry we are for your continued suffering. We can feel your anguish. We lost our son in 2013 while he was serving in the army in Afghanistan. You are in our hearts and prayers that you will find peace.

  2. Marcus graves

    Ill never forget that last day I saw you chip. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been there sooner. I feel partially responsible sometimes as I was in the marines before you and I feel guilty by maybe influencing you. I often think if I hadn’t talked to about the marines you might still be here today. When I got that call at talleyville I wasn’t expecting it would change my life forever. I have had a heavy heart since and there isn’t a day that goes by that I wish you would’ve called me like we planned when you came home from the marines. We had many good times playing football together and I’ll always remember your great attitude and huge spirit. To your parents I’ll try to reach out one of these days. I wanted to talk you so many times but the burden of feeling guilty somehow has put some time between us.If you are reading this I am marcus graves I am so sorry for not reaching out sooner. May God grant you peace and comfort forever more. Chip has never been forgotten.

    1. Michelle Wicks Rash

      Marcus I’m just finding this today.
      My name is Michelle and I’m Chip’s oldest sister.
      Please, please know you have nothing to feel guilty about. He was just like the rest of his siblings- headstrong and determined. He did what he wanted.
      If you’re still carrying even one iota of guilt, please let that go! His joining the Marines was his choice and you did nothing wrong.
      Thank you for being a friend to my goofy brother. He and my mom were reunited two heads ago, so I can only imagine the shenanigans the two of them are up to ♥️

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