Janine Lutz started a nonprofit to help veterans & their families

Janine Lutz started a nonprofit to help veterans & their families


CBS 4 Focus on South Florida


Janine Lutz has started up a nonprofit to help troubled veterans and their families, after her own son, who was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, committed suicide.

Retrieved from: http://miami.cbslocal.com/2013/05/20/focus-on-south-florida-veterans-ptsd/

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  1. Mark Humphrey

    Hello All,
    I have been distressed for years over the inordinate amount of suicides of veterans across this nation. I’m a songwriter and wrote a song to this issue years ago. In light of the current deplorable situation, the song has been updated. I’m not sure if you could use it. I have no monetary or career ambitions with this song. It’s free to use should it prove to benefit your cause in any way. Sometimes music can get the attention of people who need to know more.
    I see no way of attaching it to this format. If you’d like to hear it and read the lyric sheet, please respond to my e-mail, and I’ll send it along.
    I sincerely hope your efforts wake up a very out of touch Congress most of which are way too fat on political privilege to care about anything except extending their own selfish agendas.

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