Coy Barnard, 28

Coy Barnard, 28

Shared by Sergeant Barnard’s wife, Kate:

“My husband is from everywhere. He called Colorado home, though. He served 3 deployments and several duty stations during his time in the Army. He was a military police officer. He was in 9 years when he became a veteran and was working for the Department of Justice for a year prior to his death. He had PTSD and was afraid if he got help he would lose his job and security clearances. He attempted help through the VA but they were so booked out he never actually started receiving counseling. He struggled and went downhill fast when he got out. He suffered from hypervigilance, so he never slept. To cope with his trauma he ‘disassociated’; he showed no emotion and was detached. The night he took his life, all those pent up emotions came flooding back.

He was a loving father of 4 girls and a good husband. He loved fishing and hunting and anything outdoors. He also very much loved his family and his career. We miss him a ton!”

SGT Coy Barnard lost his battle with PTS on December 28, 2015. He was 28 years old.

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