Jeffrey Clayton Hackett, 45

Jeffrey Clayton Hackett, 45

Maj Jeff Hackett and his wife, Danelle.

Marine Major Jeffrey Clayton Hackett was born June of 1964 in Torrington, Wyoming, to Leo and Lois Hazel (Moss) Hackett. Beloved husband of Danelle; beloved father of Nick, Arthur, Drew (deceased) and Blake.

He received his education and diploma from Torrington High School in 1982.

Jeffrey entered the U.S. Marine Corps that same year and continued to be a dedicated Marine until his retirement and rank of major with specialties in explosive ordinance disposal, with 26 years of service in February 2008.

He married Danelle Chambers on May 14, 1988, in Jacksonville, N.C. Jeffrey’s career took him to 52 countries, as well as many tours including two tours in Japan, two tours in Iraq and stationed several months in Korea. Jeffrey was awarded the Bronze Star for his faithful service in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He and Danelle moved their family to Carpenter in 2006 before his retirement.

Major Jeff Hackett was a career Marine, a mustang who rose through the enlisted ranks to become a gunnery sergeant, then through the officer ranks to become a major. In Iraq, Jeff led a highly specialized unit of Marines searching and destroying improvised explosive devices (IEDs) before they could kill other Marines. It was tough, dangerous work. Eight of his Marines died on the mission.

Jeffrey coached Little League, loved gardening and landscaping, the outdoors, fishing, working with his hands and NASCAR. He adored his family and found a special place in his heart for his granddaughter.

Major Jeffrey Clayton Hackett lost his battle with PTSD, June 5, 2010, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was 45 years old.

Sadly, three years and ten months after the loss of his father, Drew Hackett took his own life.

Military Bomb Tech Suicides at a Crisis Level – Major Jeffrey Hackett:

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Major Jeffrey Clayton Hackett, USMC
Valley View Cemetery, Torrington WY, USA


  1. Julie Jirovsky

    Major Hackett was my uncle and a major connection to the family I did not get to grow up knowing until my senior year of high school. He was fun loving and always willing to listen or give advice or give me crap whether I deserved it or not! I miss him dearly; especially him giving me crap. I will treasure the memories of I have of him forever.

  2. Doug Bishop CWO4 USMC Retired

    Major Jeff Hackett was a man’s man… a hero among hero’s… Jeff’s burden & grief for his fallen Marines became too much for him to bare. He, too, became a casualty of war. I will always remember Jeff for his love for family, friends, country, EOD, his Marines, & his love for life. I met Jeff at EOD School in 1985-1986. Served with Jeff two times in MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. Ate a little sand with Jeff in 29 Stumps, CA. My heart goes out to his family. Jeff will never be forgotten & always honored as a fallen hero. Doug Bishop CWO4 USMC Retired

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