Lance Clinton Davison, 35

Lance Clinton Davison, 35

Testimony of John Davison:


Our Beloved Son passed into Eternity on Sunday, February 9th, 2014.

Lance Clinton Davison was born on January 8th, 1979 the first son of John and Desbah Davison.

His maternal Grandparents were James and Ruby Robbins of Cameron, Arizona and his paternal Grandparents were John and Violet Davison. In Navajo tradition Lance is of the Hasht’ishnii Clan and born for Bilagana.

Lance was raised in Flagstaff, Arizona with his younger sister Patricia and younger brother Shane.

He began his schooling at Kinsey Elementary and attended Flagstaff High School where he was an exceptional athlete, loving football and wrestling. He received his graduation diploma in May 1997.

Entering the military he graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego on March 27th, 1998. Lance cherished becoming a “Marine” and he excelled in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Completely dedicated to the regimes of the Corps he became an accomplished marksman and scout/sniper. He conducted his MEU and participated in operations on the island of East Timor.

In November of 2000 he graduated from the USMC “Amphibious Reconnaissance School” on Coronado Island (Naval Expeditionary Warfare Training Group) and cleared screening to be assigned to the 1st Force Reconnaissance Company at Camp Las Flores (Camp Pendleton).

With First Force Recon Lance earned his “jump wings” and “scuba bubble” and engaged in extensive specialized training worldwide.

Following the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 he was immediately sent on missions in Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaida and Taliban in support of “Operation Noble Eagle” and “Operation Enduring Freedom” or any such operations associated with the World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks.

Lance had come home and fell in love with Stacy and they had a Son – Korben Blake Davison.

When Lance received his orders for Iraq, he proposed to Stacy and they were married the night before he left again for a war zone. He was deployed in support of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” with the 3d Battalion 23d Marines 1st Marine Division where he earned his “Bronze Star” and “Navy Commendation Medal” for combat actions, valor and bravery in Al Kut, Iraq on 21 May 2003. Lance refused to leave a “Fallen Marine” behind, he subsequently retrieved him and also saved a wounded Iraqi citizen during a fire fight.

Lance endured numerous injuries from gunshot wounds, shrapnel, IED explosions, RPG attacks, post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.

Once Lance returned home again he remained vigilant, successfully completing the “Arizona Law Enforcement Academy” Class #391 on August 27th, 2004 with a physical conditioning cumulative score of 97.7%.

He then became an Officer with the “Flagstaff Police Department” which he was very proud of.

Lance’s great joy was his son Korben whom he treasured. They were un-separable and a perfect match for each other. Korben has the same wit and humor as his Dad and they enjoyed sitting quietly together and contemplating any number of topics. Lance was a true renaissance man, he enjoyed reading, learning new things and history, he was a talented artist and photographer.

Lance founded “Raven2 O.D.G. a proudly owned combat disabled veteran business providing enhanced training for SOCOM Operatives and agency professionals with precision marksmanship skills.

No stranger to hardships, he experienced many heartaches in life, as his marriage faded he eventually found a soul-mate in Bridgette Galles and they had some good times together with their puppy “Crixus”.

Lance was dedicated to optimum conditioning through healthy eating and living. He played serious football with the “Flagstaff Hitmen”, ran ultra-marathons and trail runs with his buddy Ryan Koons and had found a home at CrossFit Flagstaff… working out daily.

Lance like the warrior he was, met the challenges of post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury up front. His self-will, determination and courage to conquer and overcome obstacles is unquestionable.

His memory will live on in all those who loved and cherished this incredible man.

Well Done My Son… You Are A Bright And Shining Star… And Will Be Called Great In The Kingdom of God.

Sgt Lance Clinton Davison lost his battle with PTS, February 9, 2014. He was 35 years old.

Sgt Lance Davison’s story:

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