Members are a representation of the LCpl Janos V Lutz Live To Tell Foundation (Lutz Live To Tell) and as such are held to a higher standard.  The integrity of Veterans, Active Duty Military and Reserves, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Service Professionals, Border Patrol or those who have previously served in such positions is expected to be above reproach. Lutz Buddy Up Members must, therefore, avoid any conduct that might compromise integrity or that undercut the public confidence in current and former servicemen and women. Lutz Buddy Up Members agree to abide by the standards and values outlined in the Lutz Live To Tell Creed and hold themselves and other members accountable.  


NONE! Lutz Buddy Up membership is always free for military and first responders.  Membership is good for one calendar year and must be renewed annually by January 31 of the following year.  Members who are inactive for more than 4 months are required to be involved with Lutz Buddy Up Social Clubs for three-consecutive months before being eligible for reinstatement.  


Lutz Live To Tell will make available to you, as a Member of Lutz Buddy Up, access to various events, deals & discounts from businesses, and health & wellness opportunities provided you continue to remain eligible. Membership benefits can be accessed at any Lutz Buddy Up.

Events will be posted online, accessible through the Lutz Buddy Up Member’s Only Facebook page, and sent out via email. You will generally have a chance to sign up for these activities or events on a first come, first serve basis. You understand that not all events and activities will always have enough openings for all Members who wish to take part. While most activities and events will be made available to you at no cost, you understand that other events require that you pay additional “Event Fees” in advance at the time you register for the activity, or at the event location. You agree not to bring guests to Lutz Buddy Up Events events unless it is expressly permitted in the Lutz Buddy Up event description  that the event includes family or spouses. Activity that jeopardizes the attendance and quality of any Lutz Buddy Up event will result in suspension or termination of your Lutz Buddy Up membership. Registering for events and not attending may prohibit participation in future events.

Deals and discounts to businesses will be posted online at

You understand that in order to take advantage of membership benefits you must be an eligible Lutz Buddy Up Member in good standing, register for any event, and present your membership card at the event/business.  


You agree that Lutz Live To Tell owns the information you provide to us about yourself for the sole purpose of providing you with this service and will not be sold or transferred to any other agencies at anytime. You understand and agree that Lutz Live To Tell may take photographs and make videos and/or audio recordings of you, your voice and your statements during Lutz Buddy Up events (collectively, the “Reproductions”). If you do not choose for your photographs, video’s or audio recordings to be presented in any print or online postings, promotions or advertisements, please make your request through e-mail to the  [Do we want to include the photo submission authority too?]


You understand that your Membership is personal to you and that you may not transfer or assign it to any other individual. Lutz Live To Tell reserves the right to cancel any Membership if the Member behaves in a manner that disrupts or interferes with the Lutz Buddy Up activities, fails to abide by the policies or regulations adopted by Lutz Buddy Up, or acts in a threatening, inappropriate or disrespectful manner toward Lutz Live To Tell staff or other Members or their property. Members may cancel membership by sending an email to and requesting that your membership be terminated.


You understand that participation in the events and activities sponsored or facilitated by Lutz Buddy Up may involve risk of injury or damage to you or your property. At all times, Member has the choice of participating or not participating in any given activity. Of those activities in which Member chooses to participate, Member agrees to accept full responsibility for the decision to participate. MEMBER WAIVES ALL CLAIMS against Lutz Live To Tell, its directors, shareholders, officers, employees, volunteer event coordinators, members, or subsidiaries and absolves Lutz Live to Tell for any liability for any loss, damage, death or injury to you, your guests, or you or your guest’s property resulting from: You or your guest’s or any other member’s or non-member’s participation in any Lutz Buddy Up event, providing transportation (such as by air, rail, bus or private vehicle) either directly or by use of an independent service or by carpooling with members, guests, employees, or board.