Moira Barrantes #IwasLutz

Moira Barrantes #IwasLutz

Moving to CO in 2015, I stopped taking the V.A. psych drug cocktail and replaced with marijuana. CBD for pain, sativa strains for day and indica strains for night. Gone are the days I lost to prescriptions that had pages and pages of negative side effects. I’m a healthier and happier Vet because of it. I’m engaged in social activities and no longer house bound. I manage my doses, rather than the rx dosages managing me –some prescriptions often leaving me incapable of driving.

20 years of swallowing ineffective pills, weight gains despite no appetite, being anti-social and miserable, nightmares that haunted my sleep. Or..

2 years of better results on the shrink’s couch, a renewed social life, and dreams replacing nightmares.

Pass the dutchie on the left hand side.

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