Chad Chisholm, 22

Chad Chisholm, 22

Marine Lance Corporal Chad Chisholm, born November 2, 1992, of Calhoun, Louisiana, beloved father, son, brother and friend to many.

Chad had a deep love for his family. He was one of the most loving, caring, selfless and respectful young men that you would have ever met. He was always taking care of everyone else.

He joined the United States Marine after graduation of high school because he wanted to serve his country. He injured his leg preventing him from being able to stay on active duty. It broke his heart that he was not able to fulfill his complete service.

He has a little boy named Bruin that was his world and he loved with everything in him. He was an excellent daddy and these two were inseparable when they were together. His main goal in his life was to be a great daddy and role model for Bruin. To be only 22 years old, Chad was a rare young man for these days and times. He still believed in opening doors for ladies and was a completely respectful gentleman.

Several years ago, at such a young age, he took the steps to become an organ donor to save and improve the lives of others. As we sat at the hospital waiting on them to recover his organs, we got to meet the team of doctors that worked with Chad. They informed us that Chad’s heart was going to another 22 year old young man. In living, Chad was always helping others and with his act of giving, he will continue to help many people even in death. That’s our Chad!!! He was always joking and knew how to make you laugh even if you wanted to cry.

Loved ones left to cherish his memory, his son, Bruin Chisholm; his father, John Chisholm; his Mother, Susan Chisholm and sister, Stephanie Chisholm.

Lance Cpl Chad Chisholm lost his battle with PTS on May 27, 2015. He was 22 years old.

Remember the Love, Celebrate the Life and Share the Journey.

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