MAB Board Member KUllmanUS Marine Corps Veteran
Length of Service: 2004-2011
Deployments: Iraq and Afghanistan
MOS: Infantry

Accomplishments: Kevin served in the capacity of a Squad Leader during his time in the Marine Corps. This allowed him to further enhance his leadership skills. As a result, when Kevin returned to civilian life he utilized his skills and military experience to become a successful entrepreneur. He has since opened multiple companies including PS Downrange Consulting which continues his service to this country by providing personal security and protection services. In addition, Kevin has launched a military apparel line which has since become the premier military clothing and apparel company providing a diverse line of in demand patriotic fashion to veterans, military, and supporters. Kevin has dedicated a portion of his business proceeds to helping support veterans with combat injuries.

 Specialties: Excellent leadership skills. Firsthand experience with vets who have Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and those who have lost battle buddies to PTS.


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