Mitchell David Hash, 28

Mitchell David Hash, 28

Sgt Mitchell Hash

August 6, 1986 – June 14, 2015

Shared from the mother of Sgt Hash:

Our son was a Boy Scout, always good in school, made everyone feel welcome, was the first to befriend the newbie or the outcast in the classroom, always enjoyed life to it’s fullest, had a hot temper when defending those he loved, a gentleman, intelligent, could do anything he put his mind to, was loving and kind … I could go on. The tragedy of knowing how dark, how hopeless, how horrible, he must have felt the night he took his own life, is the hardest grief. We didn’t see any signs whatsoever, because he chose to hide it from us, I guess. Then, again, we see where his fatal act was evidenced as being impulsive and angry. There will always be questions. There will never be answers.  is a non-profit organization created in the wake of our 28 year old son’s death by suicide 6/14/15. Our mission statement is: Lift the Stigma; Erase the Shame; Be Aware; Share Hope; Find Your Purpose; Stop Suicide. 24 people since his death have chosen life over suicide as a result of our testimony. Mitchell appeared perfectly normal all his life, was with us for 19 years, having graduated from Albemarle High School in Charlottesville VA, was in the Marine Corps for 5 years, graduated from UVA with a mechanical engineering degree, married for 2 years, loved his job at GAI Consultants Engineers. He entertained everyone he knew with a fantastic sense of humor. The shock of his suicide was massive. Our hearts were shattered. Our lives forever changed. We want to help prevent others from having to go through this earthquake of emotions. We are raising funds to help those who are interested in Mental Health First Aid, we help pay for their class if they cannot afford it, we support people in crisis who need additional funding for therapy sessions, we sponsor groups like Reboot Recovery, and we hope to interject Mitchell’s Law which would require a toxicology report on all suicides. Please go to and like, follow, share, and contribute. You can go to and choose the Mitchell Hash Foundation as your charity of choice, and they will donate seamlessly based on your eligible purchases.

#RIPMitchellHash … watch 60 second video introduction HERE

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  1. Dardar

    I was stationed with Mitch from 2006 to 2009. Sometimes I would go into his shop and he’d teach me this and that about his job. On one of our deployments he taught me to play guitar. I’ll never forget him.

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