Rory H Dalgliesh, 23

Rory H Dalgliesh, 23

Written by: Mike Dalgliesh
I watched over a child of mine; grow to be a proud Marine.
He safely returned from a war; to which I thank God for.
I did so love, respect my boy; forced now to know his mind did destroy.
Combat related they surely will deny; but we all know it’s due to PTSD/TBI.
Oh, but how I do miss him so; far too young, considering he was a hero.
To walk this land with ‘brothers’ and friend; professing courage, commitment to the end.
Farewell my son, farewell to your loyalty; your love, respect, devotion and clan trinity.
Torn is my heart, light of my light, I do so cry; gone to angles, forever young, Semper Fi.

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Lance Corporal Rory H Dalgliesh, USMC, Afghanistan


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