Warrior Rise Up marijuana project – Sarasota Herald Tribune

Sarasota Herald Tribune hosts a panel discussion based on the Warrior Rise Up marijuana project

SARASOTA COUNTY – The Sarasota Herald Tribune Thursday hosted a panel on the ‘Warrior Rise Up’ marijuana project.

Dozens gathered at Holly Hall to listen to medical professionals and combat veterans to promote medical marijuana use.

The panel fielded questions and comments from the audience.

The panel’s main talking points were about the negative effects of opioids prescribed to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and other health issues.

The panel says the opioids prescribed to veterans have caused many suicidal deaths and want use medical marijuana instead.

Founder of The Lutz Live To Tell Foundation Janine Lutz says if cannabis were available lives would be saved.

“My son without a doubt would be alive today and so many of our veterans would be alive today because like my son my son’s suicide was caused by the drug.  It was pharmaceutic ally induced.”

Combat veteran Robert Jordan says medical marijuana users are mocked.

“Anytime you mention cannabis or marijuana you know it was a big bust.  Nobody believed it just like they referred to Cheech and Chong well that’s just getting high that’s not medicine.”

The Sarasota Herald Tribune has been heavily involved in contributing articles about this topic.


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