Arthur Thomas Schultz, 54

Arthur Thomas Schultz, 54

Police Sergeant Arthur Thomas Schultz S-33 (1964 – 2018)

Art was born January 10, 1964 to Arthur and Sandra P. (Behle) Schultz.  He attended Dixie Heights High School, graduating in 1982.  He also attended Northern Kentucky University from 1983 to 1989, majoring in psychology and law enforcement.

Art joined the Cincinnati Police Division as a Police Recruit on May 6, 1990.  He was promoted to Police Officer on September 23, 1990, issued Badge 67, and assigned to District 4 (4150 Reading Road).  He was rotated to District 3 (3201 Warsaw Avenue) on May 12, 1991.  Four years later, he was promoted to Police Specialist, and issued Badge PS-67.  On February 9, 1997, he was promoted to Sergeant, issued Badge S-33, and assigned to District 1 (310 Ezzard Charles Drive).  He was transferred to Central Vice Control Section, Street Corner Unit December 10, 2000.  He established himself as a no-nonsense 28-year veteran and solid supervisor that could be depended upon for any assignment.

Sergeant Schultz died suddenly at Eden Park about Noon on December 20, 2018.  He was 54.

Sergeant Schultz is survived by his wife, Police Specialist Lynn A. (Doran) Schultz and daughters, Sydney (Reid Heitkamp) and Sabrina.

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