James Michael Bearup, 29

James Michael Bearup, 29

Army Sergeant James Michael Bearup served his country honorably in the United States Army.

He was stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He rose to the rank of Sergeant earning numerous medals, awards and commendations including Army Commendation Medal (x3), the Army Achievement Medal and the Army Good Conduct Medal.

He served as Chaplin Assistant and Security Forces. He served as a service member in the Air National Guard and Army National Guard out of Arizona, Alaska and Texas. He was currently serving in the inactive ready reserves.

SGT James M Bearup lost his battle with PTSD, April 8, 2013. He was 29 years old.

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  1. Darren Bearup

    Thank you for keeping my youngest brothers memory alive. It has been five years and the loss never gets easier. 22 veterans take their lives every day. Please help a vet, even if it’s to say thank you.

  2. Dr.Tom Bearup

    James was the youngest son of our nine children.

    He was a patriot as he loved his country
    And served honorably during a time of war, with two tours in Afghanistan.

    He did seven years ago and we look forward to seeing him again.

  3. Scott Doctorman

    Thank you for your service.i know your brother Darren he is so proud of you
    As is your dad.i pray you are at peace
    May God bless your family and help them to someday understand.again
    I thank you.

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