Jeremy Paul Sears, 35

Jeremy Paul Sears, 35

US Marine Sergeant Jeremy Paul Sears, born February 18, 1979, of Elk Grove, Illinois, served and lived in San Marcos, California, beloved husband of Tami Sears; beloved son of Richard Sears and Kathy Wall Sears; beloved brother of Chance and Jeff Sears and Valerie Rusieka.

Jeremy joined the US Marine Corps in December of 2004. He was a well decorated and devoted Marine. He was a 0311 Rifleman and completed five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. A squad leader with the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, Fox Company. He survived two roadside bombs – one that went off feet from him, according to a buddy. Tami Sears said he had metal fragments around his eye from one explosion. Sears left the Marine Corps as a Sergeant in October 2012 after eight years of service.

According to people close to him, Sears became despondent in February. That’s when the VA sent a letter saying that the government wouldn’t pay him anything, despite acknowledging that he had traumatic brain injury and hearing loss from his military service.

After waiting 16 months in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs claims logjam, Sears was denied all disability payments and untreated for trauma injuries he sustained, facing financial difficulties, took his own life.

Sgt Jeremy Paul Sears lost his battle with PTS and TBI, October 6, 2014,  in Oceanside, California. He was 35 years old.

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