Richard V Sandell Jr, 42

Richard V Sandell Jr, 42

Richard V Sandell Jr passed away on Wednesday, March 2, 2016. Richard was a loving husband and father, and an 18 year veteran of Pompano Beach Fire Rescue, where he held the rank of Captain. He is survived by his loving wife, Diana; daughter, Lauren; unborn son, Richard V. Sandell III; step daughters, Kelcie and Brynn; mother, Jacqueline Miesen Sandell Friskits; father, Richard V. Sandell, Sr. and his wife Renee; sisters, Sherly Jenson and her husband, Eric, Jacqueline Fitzpatrick and her husband, Brian, Julie DeMore, Rachel Sherman and her husband, John; brother, Sean Sandell and his wife Kathryn Bardeen; 17 nieces and nephews; one great nephew.
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