Tim “Cajun” Foret, 38

Tim “Cajun” Foret, 38

Tim “Cajun” Foret

MENTOR, Ohio (WOIO) – A Mentor veteran took his own life last weekend. 19 News is told the man barricaded himself inside his home. Police and SWAT tried to talk the vet down, but sadly, it did not work.

On Tuesday night the community held a vigil to remember the veteran and to raise awareness for PTSD.

Tim Foret, 38, was no stranger to being out on the battlefield.

“He had been over in Iraq and Afghanistan, several tours, seen things that no man should have to see and sadly he brought that home with him,” said Chris Blood, friend to Foret and First Lady of the US Militia RC, a veteran support group.

There was one enemy the soldier could not defeat, PTSD.

“Devastation is the best way to put this,” Blood said, choking back tears. “Being in a veteran support group we understand what these vets go through. We realize it’s a daily struggle. Sometimes the demons win and we do our darnedest to try to get the word out about this because there is help.”

The army veteran took his own life Sunday.

“Tim was the kind of guy that would make you smile no matter what was going on in your life,” Blood said.

Blood says they tried getting Foret help.

“We tried doing everything and he was just a proud vet,” she said. “He didn’t want the help. He kept telling everybody he was fine, he was anything but.”



Scott Honess shared via Facebook:

“Many, if not all of you, know by now that yesterday we lost another brother to the company of the 22.
Understandably all of us, our family and Tim’s family, are completely heartbroken over his passing.
He’s a patriot who came home from the war, but the battle followed him home.
This is nothing short of a complete tragedy!
In the coming days we will make you aware of arrangements as they are put in place.
For now we want to say thank you for the outpouring of Love support and prayers!
Please keep them coming.
For now I will say at ease soldier the battle is done, there’s no more torment oh, no more pain.
So take your rest Cajun with your Lord, and ride free and easy in heaven, my brother, my son.”

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