Category: Staff

Meet Mindy

Mindy Hayes is a passionate veteran advocate who has proven her dedication to the position of Memorial Wall Family Liaison through her work & assistance with the many family’s represented on the LCpl Janos V Lutz PTS Memorial Wall. She has an uncanny ability to make everyone feel loved and …

Meet Michelle

Michelle Coleman, known in business as Rene TheProfessional (RTP); is an innovator, consultant, philanthropist, mom, and veteran advocate. Michelle has spent the past 14 years doing work in the social services sector with a focus on child welfare, community development, ex-offender reentry, and post-secondary education. Recently, Michelle has engaged in …

Meet MoAB

MoAB, Mother of America’s Battalion, named by members of the Warfighter Community is a business owner, marine mom, cancer survivor, bereaved mother & veteran advocate. MoAB is the CEO of Super Stone, Inc. a leader in supplying decorative concrete worldwide. However, this is simply how she lives. Why she lives …

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