Meet Mindy

Meet Mindy

Mindy Hayes is a passionate veteran advocate who has proven her dedication to the position of Memorial Wall Family Liaison through her work & assistance with the many family’s represented on the LCpl Janos V Lutz PTS Memorial Wall. She has an uncanny ability to make everyone feel loved and supported as they submit their loved one’s photos. In cases where the family does not submit a bio, Mindy spends countless hours researching each and every photo to ensure that the veteran is properly honored & remembered.

Always going above and beyond to meet the needs of each family, Mindy has taken on this position to honor & remember those lost to PTS Suicide but also for those left behind. We appreciate the work she has done and the families she serves does too! We know this from the multitude of emails from families telling us how it made their anniversary date of their loved one’s passing just a bit less painful. Empowered, Encouraged & Equipped with some awesome social media skills, Mindy continues to be a great asset as well as instrumental in the production of the PTS Memorial Wall.

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