Meet MoAB

Meet MoAB

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MoAB, Mother of America’s Battalion, named by members of the Warfighter Community is a business owner, marine mom, cancer survivor, bereaved mother & veteran advocate. MoAB is the CEO of Super Stone, Inc. a leader in supplying decorative concrete worldwide. However, this is simply how she lives. Why she lives is for the LCpl Janos V Lutz Live To Tell Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in honor of her son Janos V “Johnny” Lutz. Johnny was lost in January of 2013 from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and over-medication received from the local VA. Turning tragedy into triumph since her loss, Janine has been an instrumental part of reducing the suicide rate among combat veterans and changing the culture of veteran affairs in South Florida.

MoAB has not only brought national awareness to the military suicide epidemic but has also provided a multifaceted solution to the problem. She has implemented various programs & initiatives through the Live To Tell Foundation to improve the continuum of care for veterans in South Florida while creating positive long term systemic change. But her work does not stop there!

Her Buddy Up Combat Outposts serve hundreds of veterans through outreach, non-medication therapies, peer support, and family support. The social media campaign she began for PTS veteran support has flourished into a 24/7 online hotline for local peer to peer veteran in crisis support. She is also responsible for getting over one hundred 1st responders trained on engaging a veteran suffering a PTS episode in Miami-Dade, Broward, & Palm Beach Counties. While MoAB has made leaps and bounds in influencing veteran services on a system level, she also makes sure to stay connected with the veteran population on a personal level. MoAB voluntarily speaks at the local VA’s PTS wing and is often a special guest for inpatient graduations.  

Her work has caught the attention of many news and media outlets throughout the country and she is the recipient of many awards including the Heart of South Florida, Heroes Among Us, and local dignitaries’ honoree.  Her Buddy Up program has also been recognized as a Health resource in the VA’s eBenefits National Resource Directory.

MoAB acts on the principle that “We the People Must Fight for Those Who Fought for US”! Her mission is to save the lives of as many of our stateside warfighters as she can. Her dream is to open up warfighter communities across the country to provide our veterans with the care they need & deserve. MoAB is confident that “Together We Can” make a change and save lives!

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