Renata May Rock, 27

Renata May Rock, 27

Marine Sergeant Renata May Rock, born March 10, 1986 in Seattle, Washington. 
Sgt Rock joined the Marine Corps on December 29, 2008. She did one tour in Afghanistan on a CST (Cultural Support Team). Sgt Rock was also named the NCO of the year in 2012 by her Battalion and upon returning from her time overseas instructed Marines as part of a pre-deployment training cycle. Not only was Sgt Rock an ideal example of what a Marine should be, she was also a very driven individual when it came to fitness. She began martial arts at the age of 5 and went on to box in the Junior Regional Golden Gloves competition. This combination of being a challenge driven individual and a determined Marine made her a valued asset to any operation. 
Her mother Cherie Rock elaborated by saying that she was always able to find success in what she did as a Marine while maintaining an “irreverent sense of humor” with everyone she came in contact with. Marines that knew Sgt Rock described her as “a badass Marine” (Armond Johnson) and said “she was a good woman and an even better Marine” (Thomas Favreau). 
Unfortunately at the age of 27, Sgt Renata Rock, took her life in July of 2013. Too often do things like this happen where you find a Marine, like Sgt Rock, who personified our esprit de corps but was unable to get the help that she needed during her transition back to US soil after her time overseas.

Sgt Renata M Rock lost her battle on July 9, 2013. She was 27 years old.

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Fort Logan National Cemetery
Denver, CO, USA
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  1. Linda Hazelden

    Dearest beautiful and courageous Marine SGT Renata May Rock: We salute you and your beloved family and assure you of our deepest and heartfelt gratitude for your selfless service. Inconsolable that your preciousness is no longer on this earth! As a mother— I embrace yours—tearfully, but with the resolve of prayers for all! Be assured that we will Never Forget SGT Rock’s tireless service, which is reported as exemplary! We tearfully acknowledge that sustaining the burden of our feeedoms costs everything—up to losing a life such as young, talented, and beautiful Renata! This strikes painfully in the hearts of all thoughtful, unselfish compatriots possessing intelligent understanding and compassion. Let us pray: Heavenly God please keep your daughter, Renata, close to the warmth of your Divine and Eternal Light until she is reunited once again, eternally, with her loved ones. Amen!

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